CHAINEDDARK_2014yearend_cln11 copyLate again. This list came out far leaner compared to 2013. There is much I haven’t heard from 2014 but fuck it, what else is new right? I’ll get to that later.

There’s an honorable mentions and missing in action section but this is largely about the releases I spent the most time with in 2014. Many of which I’ve written about in the course of the year.

It’ll be short so read on after the break.

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Yautja – Songs of Descent (2014) — LP REVIEW

YAUTJASOD_7855 copy

Damn! It would be tough to contain my enthusiasm when talking about this record. I hardly knew anything about Nashville’s Yautja prior to fall last year, but since then they’ve had my attention wholly.

Yautja’s debut LP Songs of Descent is remarkable. It is unexpected, indeed unforgettable and inventive. Even contending with the overpowering influence of Gaza, Kiss It Goodbye, and Great Falls; giants and a genre that allows little wiggle room.

This infuriated hybrid grind group has blossomed in imaginative, intoxicating new forms of nucleic aggression as is clearly and confidently expressed on Songs of Descent.

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FOCUS: Yautja

yautja_013Here’s a band I’ve been unaware of until recently, and I’m sure that may be the case for some of those reading. I’m gonna go over their short but savage and addicting catalog of steamrolling grind and hopefully convince some of you to check them out.

Update: I got my hands on both so photos have been added as of (05/02/2014).

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