Hadals/Japanese Women/Pleasuredome/Pornography/Settlement – Split (2015) — CS REVIEW

IMG_1689 copyTapes of a Neon God once more assemble a cadre of sounds you won’t likely hear elsewhere, and much like the previous collections you’ll find that the selection on this split offers another distinctive probe into the lesser known corners of these genres.

Containing five tracks that approach the task both differently and successfully, this limited, aesthetically stunning tape should interest those who’ve been following TOANG’s releases especially if you match my great enthusiasm for them.

This is TOANG #1 so stream it, dig in, and read below.

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Yautja – Songs of Descent (2014) — LP REVIEW

YAUTJASOD_7855 copy

Damn! It would be tough to contain my enthusiasm when talking about this record. I hardly knew anything about Nashville’s Yautja prior to fall last year, but since then they’ve had my attention wholly.

Yautja’s debut LP Songs of Descent is remarkable. It is unexpected, indeed unforgettable and inventive. Even contending with the overpowering influence of Gaza, Kiss It Goodbye, and Great Falls; giants and a genre that allows little wiggle room.

This infuriated hybrid grind group has blossomed in imaginative, intoxicating new forms of nucleic aggression as is clearly and confidently expressed on Songs of Descent.

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