Hadals/Japanese Women/Pleasuredome/Pornography/Settlement – Split (2015) — CS REVIEW

IMG_1689 copyTapes of a Neon God once more assemble a cadre of sounds you won’t likely hear elsewhere, and much like the previous collections you’ll find that the selection on this split offers another distinctive probe into the lesser known corners of these genres.

Containing five tracks that approach the task both differently and successfully, this limited, aesthetically stunning tape should interest those who’ve been following TOANG’s releases especially if you match my great enthusiasm for them.

This is TOANG #1 so stream it, dig in, and read below.

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Hadals / Blsphm – Split (2014) — CS REVIEW

IMG_1565Brace yourselves for something severe generated between Hadals and Blsphm.

A generous split created to both agitate and soothe through gnawing textures, visceral climaxes, and cruel, stimulating noise convulsions. Social Cancer collects impressive material from two haunting artists who grow more interesting with each release.

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Pornography – Pornography (This Is A Collection) (2013) — CD REVIEW

IMG_7209A new form of audio masochism. Frayed consciousness strained through revolting hate and gravid with strife. Anderson’s outlet un-known as Pornography becomes a channel for aural cruelty and catharsis; standing in a nebulous shadow broken from the corpse of Khanate.

This Is A Collection gathers each corrupt sliver of Pornography’s shattered and disturbed sermons, all available for streaming. It’s a menacing compilation undoubtedly obscene to many and which I’ve been soaking in repeatedly over the past several months.

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Death Engine – Amen (2013) — CS/10″ EP REVIEW

IMG_7090Death Engine offered a great surprise in their short debut Amen. Over the course of four acute and heavy songs they’ve begun forming their voice and it is loud and ragged.

They speak in a similar, if distant dialect to that Amenra, Chromes, and Children of God have harnessed and separate themselves on this little sledgehammering record comfortably, resurrecting small gasps of ambiance and old US metallic hardcore for their chugging sludge vessel.

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