Godstopper – Children are our Future (2014) — EP REVIEW

GODSTOPPER2014CAOF_21Children are our Future has me excited enough to skip it ahead of a few other reviews.

I once saw Godstopper while living in Toronto. They were admittedly overshadowed by my excitement seeing Mare headline on a second night of reunion but I didn’t ignore their simultaneously crushing and gentle noisy doom-rock. It would be hard to do considering their curious, irregular patina.

That was the year they released What Matters, the show was actually a month before it, and the LP grew on me quickly quite well. It’s undeniable that you won’t hear much like it.

And now their draw to something deeper in the simpler territories of heavy and beautiful reveals Children are our Future, their new EP, and it’s genuinely stunning. This is a great step for this band.

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Men in Search of the Perfect Weapon – Men in Search of the Perfect Weapon (2005) — 12″ LP + CD REVIEW

MISOTPW_7960 copyThe transient giant Men in Search of the Perfect Weapon was a group from Leipzig, Germany that in its short existence constructed a remarkable edifice, illustrating well how to accomplish colossal, raw, and exciting heavy sounds.

Their only permanent mark in the genre is a self-titled piece of atmospheric sludge metal. An album that struck me deeply. Its march is generous, often callous; a doom with fuming punk aggression capable of haunting despondence and soaring relief.

In all, it forms a heavy natural beauty. A record whose pensive nature is expressed lushly in each aspect of its execution, packaging, concept, and in the decision to let rest what was wrought in its course once completed and performed.

This is a posthumous review of a hidden treasure that was swallowed in the swamp long ago. The first of hopefully many ‘retro’ reviews on The Plow Behind You.

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