IMG_1467 copyFrom the corpse of Obacha a new Squamish three piece has recorded a demo that somehow manages to match and potentially surpass the absurd spastic hostility that Obacha was known for. Throat Slitter is not fucking around.

Yeah this is flesh-stripping, paint cracking, organ rupturing powerviolence. A six minute mauling. I’m obsessed with it, jamming it all the time. No bullshit just raw grinding.

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It hasn’t been that long since the last Fastcore Festival, but once again Vancouver and Squamish was overrun by grind of all stripes for the fifth time in a row on the fourth of July weekend. It was a blast on all accounts.

This was my second time attending and I had an excellent watching nearly thirty absurdly fast, filthy bands coalesce in the wilderness once more. I was a better prepared for the stay this time, the turn out at least felt smaller, there were quite a few groups that weren’t on last years bill that slayed hard; oh and of course there was a slew of weird and hilarious moments.

Organized and accommodated by locals and DIY as all hell. Read on below to see some of the grind madness that I experienced that weekend in photos and video, as well as some decent stories and shit in between the sets.

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Frail Vessel – Frail Vessel (2014) — REVIEW

Frail Vessel - Frail Vessel - cover

UPDATE 14/07/2014: Frail Vessel have informed me that they are active again and had only taken a break. They are putting out this recording on tape soon.

You may recall that one of my favorite releases last year was a 22 minute demo cassette/cd of grind-violence by Newfoundland’s Frail Vessel. It had a blistering tempo and striking vocals, structured by strong, gratifying writing; as well as equally awesome subject matter. Something that left an impression.

Well earlier in February this three piece ended their short existence with a final self-titled digital release that continues confidently; it is sharper with less chaos, a change in vocals and lighter on the powerviolence with a leaden foot on the grind pedal.

This is another slayer guys. On the heels of such a strong demo it keeps pace. Remaining informed by Discordance Axis and Insect Warfare this last release sees Frail Vessel move forward losing no momentum.

Oh and it’s free. Wicked, free Canadian grind…

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Monomaniac – Vol. 1 | Vol. 2 + 3 — EP / LP REVIEW


Panos Agoros, voice of the unmatched astrogrinders Dephosphorus, had his hand in the compiling of minute-or-less song-crafting by a broad collection of tormentors in the underground metal hordes.

His compilation series released though Blast Beat Mailmurder/Productions is titled Monomaniac and has currently stepped into it’s second and third volume.

As stated, Monomaniac is “a bold discographic operation uniting international artists from all over the spectrum of extreme underground music… the challenge is that each unit offers approximately one minute of exclusive/unreleased noise!

An interesting challenge to say the least, especially when reviewing the varied roster of bands on all three volumes; some well know to me and others this series is introducing me to.

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Frail Vessel – Demo (2013) — CS/CD REVIEW

IMG_6989Grindcore has ensnared me far more throughout this year compared to the past, due to an array of factors that aren’t relevant here. In fact I think this might be the first year where it dwarfs death metal or black metal for me in terms of the genre I’ve gleaned the most enjoyment out of.

The point is there’s truckloads of excellent, strange, and mediocre grind each year and a lot gets missed. I’m guilty of it right now guaranteed.

I’m still trying to figure out how to get my hands on something from Morphic Lapse and Code/Error for example. I can’t even keep up with the basics like Water Torture’s or Suffering Mind’s ever-consuming record releases, let alone the local and remote gold that’s being crafted.

Which brings me to these guys: Frail Vessel. Outside of a few locals who either know grinders or are grinders who toured with them (or both) I haven’t seen this demo in circulation amongst the underground blogs; at least in any noticeable capacity. And I must say that this is unfortunate because it’s an exceptional first expression from this band.

Frail Vessel are from the east coast of Canada: Newfoundland to be specific. They’re fairly new from what I can tell, and fuck me have they produced a mordant, psychotic, and punishing grind demo that’s been captivating me all year.

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FOCUS: Yautja

yautja_013Here’s a band I’ve been unaware of until recently, and I’m sure that may be the case for some of those reading. I’m gonna go over their short but savage and addicting catalog of steamrolling grind and hopefully convince some of you to check them out.

Update: I got my hands on both so photos have been added as of (05/02/2014).

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