FOCUS: Dead Accents – Blsphm & Great Falls (2015) — CS REVIEW

IMG_2071 copyAs some of you no doubt already know Great Falls will be readying a new record for this year: The Fever Shed. They’ve also got a split with Thou where both cover some Shellac tunes. I’m quite excited about this and you should be as well.

In the mean time however there’s a few related recordings to explore.

I recently picked up several tapes curated by Demian Johnston’s label Dead Accents, where he continues proliferating related, often darker projects like Blsphm or obscure additions to past projects and the Great Falls discography.

Here I’ll focus on two of three recent Blsphm recordings, and one Great Falls live/experimental release titled Ossature, which might be geared towards the diehards and collectors out there.

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OBSERVE: Vancouver Noise Festival V

IMG_1879 copyAnother noise festival has been visited upon Vancouver.

This was the fifth iteration, the second that I’ve attended, this year with a slightly larger line up necessitating the performances be split between two venues as the afternoon transformed into evening.

Some words, photos, and footage of this year’s Vancouver Noise Festival after the break.

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Hadals/Japanese Women/Pleasuredome/Pornography/Settlement – Split (2015) — CS REVIEW

IMG_1689 copyTapes of a Neon God once more assemble a cadre of sounds you won’t likely hear elsewhere, and much like the previous collections you’ll find that the selection on this split offers another distinctive probe into the lesser known corners of these genres.

Containing five tracks that approach the task both differently and successfully, this limited, aesthetically stunning tape should interest those who’ve been following TOANG’s releases especially if you match my great enthusiasm for them.

This is TOANG #1 so stream it, dig in, and read below.

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Hadals / Blsphm – Split (2014) — CS REVIEW

IMG_1565Brace yourselves for something severe generated between Hadals and Blsphm.

A generous split created to both agitate and soothe through gnawing textures, visceral climaxes, and cruel, stimulating noise convulsions. Social Cancer collects impressive material from two haunting artists who grow more interesting with each release.

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OBSERVE: Vancouver Noise Festival IV

IMG_8748 copyLast Saturday on the rainy Vancouver coast there were several good shows being organized. Two in particular were my focus and unfortunately would be happening simultaneously. You can see plainly which of these I attended, Vancouver Noise Festival IV, while the other was an occult death metal gathering headed by Mitochondrion and Ævangelist during the Wacken Metal Battle in the same city.

It was difficult deciding which to attend honestly. The days before this I believe Behemoth, Inquisition, Goatwhore, Tyrants Blood, as well as Nile, Infernal Majesty, and Auroch were all in B.C. so there was that as well.

Anyway it turned out in the week leading up to all this Ævangelist cancelled their appearance (replaced by Dire Omen) which also meant a friend and fellow writer/musician I was meeting wouldn’t be able to make the journey either.

As much as I love Mitochondrion I chose to attend the fourth Vancouver Noise Festival. It was a good choice and I suggest showing up at fests like this even if, like me, you have novice-level experience with the noise/power electronics/death industrial realm.

After the break check out photos and even a few full sets as a sampling of the striking, corrupted, and very loud sounds of the evening.

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SUPINE__newdo_logoraw_FINALGuess who wins the “latest 2013 year end list” award.

2013 was pretty good. Somewhat surprising, maybe a little disappointing but in the end it rounded out nicely. At least in terms of what I heard. Admittedly my listening time took a nosedive for a portion of this year and those records I did enjoy were often on the faster/shorter end of the spectrum; demos and splits and such.

This is a breakdown on the year from my view and then a few small lists I’ve made surrounding the releases of 2013 that I enjoyed the most, sort of. There’s a good amount of records that probably should be included here but weren’t. Some I didn’t get to, some I was disappointed with (no one cares!), some I missed altogether.

Further explanations will be laid out later, and you can guess ahead of time that there’s some Canada bias. Let’s dig into it after the break.

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