Boddicker – False Flag (2014) — CS REVIEW

BODD_9028 copyThis little release hits hard as fuck. The use of that The Deer Hunter image on the cover should give some foreshadowing as to the pants-shitting tunes that Detroit’s Boddicker put to tape here.

False Flag is six tracks of bulldozing mayhem showcasing the best of Boddicker’s meld of thrashing grind and neck-snapping hardcore so far. Each song sharpened to a deadly edge, with attitude and vocal attack that sears. In short it’s awesome.

Put this shit on and channel some of the excruciating tension Michael and Nick felt in that hut playing Russian roulette.

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Unru – Demo MMXIII (2013) — CS REVIEW

IMG_7155Speaking of Europe’s blackened hardcore dealings I’m finally catching up on what Unru have been arranging after Forever Cursed alerted me to them early last year. A more virulent and darker version of Deadguy and Botch’s legacy wrapped in a thick, soiled black metal cocoon and strangles until its noisy death gasps escape.

And after that there are still some pleasant surprised that reside in its less accessible reaches: this review will deal with a pressing which contains a significant and more experimental hidden ritual on the second side, larger than their recent collaborations with Sun Worship in some sense.

I also think this will relate nicely not only with a few up coming reviews but also with the previous post on France’s Death Engine. Like them, Germany’s Unru forge trenchant blades of hardcore that break off from the usual efforts and climb into darker, unexplored territory with the small light of the past to keep them steady. The separate in approaches remains fairly wide.

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