Osk – We Will Never Change (2014) — 10″ EP REVIEW

OSK_WWNC_7892 copySo there’s a lot of good grindcore out already this year and much promised as well. I’ve already got some favorites, and I’m sure most people have already decided to check out of this specific arena for 2014 having begun digesting GridLink’s uncanny grind. I would implore you to hold on that impulse because there’s shit like this popping up all the time.

Osk’s We Will Never Change. It’s twelve minutes, it’s no fucking around, it’s metallic and dirty with enormous staying power. Visceral, punk-as-fuck, DIY fastcore poetry front to back. I’m very pleased to see a new release from Osk and such a damn strong one once again.

Next thing you know Mass Grave and Shooting Spree will being dropping things… oh wait…

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Death Engine – Amen (2013) — CS/10″ EP REVIEW

IMG_7090Death Engine offered a great surprise in their short debut Amen. Over the course of four acute and heavy songs they’ve begun forming their voice and it is loud and ragged.

They speak in a similar, if distant dialect to that Amenra, Chromes, and Children of God have harnessed and separate themselves on this little sledgehammering record comfortably, resurrecting small gasps of ambiance and old US metallic hardcore for their chugging sludge vessel.

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