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I’ve been absent from the internet for several months now owing to personal matters. I cannot guarantee posts will be as (in)consistent going forward as they were originally, but I’ll be making an effort.

It’s not over yet. The Plow Behind You will resume soon.

UPDATE: Night Heir – A Maze Of Evenings (2013) — CS REVIEW

IMG_1659Back in heydays of Equivoke I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Night Heir, when their debut Wind In My Dream Mist In My House got a limited release on tape. What became acutely obvious to me after digesting the record was that this group were clearing new paths between genres and made it interesting, honestly toiling in a dark corner among friends in a manner I and others should be aware of.

Since that time their clandestine progression around the edges of black metal has never left my radar. Their 2013 follow-up showed their well of potential was indeed deep, their sound unfurling comfortably for a longer, increasingly profuse experience.

However there was no physical press in the works upon A Maze Of Evenings’ release. In fact the last I heard from Sean Barry (late 2013) A Maze Of Evenings was being shopped for an analog release, following a remastering by James Plotkin who’s veteran touch has been felt on many records readers have encountered no doubt, one example being a recent favorite of mine Accidents Grotesque by Great Falls.

This  reformation brought their ever inquisitive sound into a richer bloom than even the initial release. Patience held strong it seems because Night Heir now have copies of A Maze Of Evenings on tape pressed through Bough House. I strongly recommend that those who are interested in this get in contact with the band.

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SUPINE__newdo_logoraw_FINALGuess who wins the “latest 2013 year end list” award.

2013 was pretty good. Somewhat surprising, maybe a little disappointing but in the end it rounded out nicely. At least in terms of what I heard. Admittedly my listening time took a nosedive for a portion of this year and those records I did enjoy were often on the faster/shorter end of the spectrum; demos and splits and such.

This is a breakdown on the year from my view and then a few small lists I’ve made surrounding the releases of 2013 that I enjoyed the most, sort of. There’s a good amount of records that probably should be included here but weren’t. Some I didn’t get to, some I was disappointed with (no one cares!), some I missed altogether.

Further explanations will be laid out later, and you can guess ahead of time that there’s some Canada bias. Let’s dig into it after the break.

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Grave Upheaval – Untitled (2013) — LP REVIEW


It took a long time to sit down and crack this intimidating record open, and while it doesn’t surpass the related Impetuous Ritual’s entwined death-fit the doom Grave Upheaval finally let seep from their long sealed tomb is stifling, fetid, onerous and exhausting.

The impenetrable nature of this record is almost perverse. A result of this is it marks it as an easy album to either ignore as ‘boring’ or claim to be unstoppable gold. While it’s not necessarily either at all points I would not diminish it’s staggering presence. This thrills in a subtle, time consuming manner — it’s labeled by some as ritualistic for reason.

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IMG_6891If you don’t know, it’s been cold as fuck in the prairie provinces of Canada for some time now. WAKE happen to be one of the multiple awesome grind bands that dot those (currently) frozen plains, hailing from Calgary where they created and unleashed through the bitter cold their harsh new record FALSE.

I’ve been circling back to this one steadily and it’s nearly risen to the top amongst a few others in this great year for grinding. Tight, diverse, ardent, and heavy FALSE is a direct injection of fantastic grind into the brain that is unquestionably worth your time — and in this case its a mean trip at twenty minutes even.

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