THE PLOW BEHIND YOU is a place for record reviews run by one person in Canada.

Death, fastcore, noise, sludge, analog, photography. Promotion for present/future releases and reverie of past albums should be expected, particularly scrutiny of their physical formats, as well as live event coverage including photos and video.

While there will always be a significant diversity of sounds covered here, occasionally there will be an emphasis on Canadian records.

Unless otherwise noted there will be no download links available. There will however be information on where you can stream releases or support whatever it is I’m writing about.

All written reviews, photos, art, and video content displayed here has been produced or captured by me, the author. In the event this is not the case it will always be properly noted and sourced. However if you see something of yours displayed here and want it to be taken down please contact me and I will do so immediately.

There will never be advertisements here. This is not for profit. Support the artists.


Previously I contributed to the blog Equivoke as Sanakan, and I infrequently contribute to Cvlt Nation and Summoning Spirits under the same pseudonym. This blog will remain largely separate however sometimes there may be crossover; a few articles may appear on said zines in the future.