OBSERVE: Endorphins Lost / Osk / Terminal Sequence / Tenchu / Altercation

IMG_2147 copyHere’s another brief write-up. This time on a recent Victoria grind show I attended: Endorphins Lost was on a mini tour, and locals Osk, Terminal Sequence, Tenchu, plus a new two-piece Altercation come out in support.

Everything went smoothly and loudly. Six Brew Bantha was originally on the bill as well and were technically there, but not to perform.

After the break footage and stuff.

IMG_2075 copyThe venue was the basement of St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church in Victoria, B.C. The bands were largely grindcore with one technical death act and a bit of death in Tenchu’s DNA:

Endorphins Lost (Seattle)
Osk (Vancouver)
Terminal Sequence (Victoria)
Tenchu (Victoria)
Altercation (Kamloops)

I’ll keep it short. As always photos are on Flickr and all videos are on YouTube.



IMG_2077 copySo this vicious grind duo don’t have anything recorded right now but I hope they do soon. They opened and shredded through around six songs. Truly monstrous vocals from the drummer in particular amid her ferocious blasts, and quick, addictive and vicious riffs pouring from the guitar.

Simple and pulverizing, and I would like to see more.

I’ll keep an eye on any releases from this two piece. Kamloops has another one to watch.



IMG_2119 copyGraham has been busy since Bungus bit it, specifically with Tenchu which has seen four sort records last year and two this year alone. First time seeing them live and I can tell you they do rip hard, even harder and heavier live than on record.

The foundation of grind remains with a good dose of angularity thrown into the riffs, drumming kills and the vocals disgustingly low, complimenting the warped attack from the guitarist well.

Tenchu had an awesome set. The songs were vile, loud and dirty, and included an Infest cover at the end. I suggest you go listen to these guys.



IMG_2143 copyAdmittedly it has been a while since I dipped my toes into the world of technical/brutal death metal. I still have a core set of bands I come back to but I rarely venture out of that these days. So seeing a local technical death band was a bit of a surprise and a little refreshing on some level too.

Terminal Sequence are a new group from Victoria throwing down brutal riffs, blast beats, and a flurry of sweeps where appropriate; even at one point a bit of creepy ambiance. No fumbles, smooth and clean.

A dose of political awareness in the lyrical aspect of the group too, which is brought to life through gruff grunts and roars, not as gutterral as Tenchu but in the area. Overall unexpected and pretty killer.



IMG_2149 copyFuck yeah Osk! I will never tire of a performance by these guys, for real. Killer grind from east Vancouver you should know by now. Absolutely tight from all angles, consistent, relentless, always a great mix of old and new tracks in each set. They never disappoint. This time they even dropped a heavy and slow piece half way through their set.



IMG_2172 copyHeadlining the night and finishing their mini-tour was the Seattle grindcore/powerviolence outfit Endorphins Lost. They’re ruthless that’s for sure and put on a strong set showing off a bit of new stuff from an upcoming LP.

Sometimes angular and dissonant, at other times explosive and uncontainable grind dropping hints at other influences briefly. The vocals were a stand out not because they were necessarily unique but pretty damn passionate, rising above the flood of ear shredding riffs and roaring drums.

Check out a few of the tracks they let loose on Saturday:


That’s it for now. The next live review article that will make it up (if I’m not too broke to make it) will be covering Covenant Fest MMXV which hits Vancouver in mid-June.

Until then: The end.

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