IMG_1467 copyFrom the corpse of Obacha a new Squamish three piece has recorded a demo that somehow manages to match and potentially surpass the absurd spastic hostility that Obacha was known for. Throat Slitter is not fucking around.

Yeah this is flesh-stripping, paint cracking, organ rupturing powerviolence. A six minute mauling. I’m obsessed with it, jamming it all the time. No bullshit just raw grinding.

So Obacha was indisputably awesome and that’s the case here with Throat Slitter. Members who have been entrenched in Canadian grind territory for some time, splitting time and effort between many other projects and events, once again form something bristling with potentially richer energy.

This demo was recorded in February and hit bandcamp early in May not long after Obacha was disbanded, and it really hasn’t left my daily rotation since. Throat Slitter is basically two parts of Obacha (Tommy on guitar, and the drummer) plus a lone vocalist to duel with Tommy, overall the a slight adjustment to their presence and approach.

This more than qualifies as a successful reinvention or evolution without compromise. In fact the writing catches me a bit more, everything’s slightly tighter than previous incarnations. The way it has been recorded retains the biting raw texture this sound sits so well with, feedback buttressing most tracks feeling sharp, but in the thick of the grind things are just meaty enough while the scalding pace is not dampened.

Insane drumming, skull scraping guitar, alarming vocals from all sides. Blunt lyrics as well as one might expect, reading like hastily jotted notes. Tommy’s a psychopath with a penchant for abrupt, jagged shredding and frightening shouts. That and the production matched with the twangy, scratchy but thick tone his riffs discharge throught just adds to damage Throat Slitter can do.

The drummer is genuinely unbelievable, just relentless and ludicrously fast but controlled, with very consistent strength across each slaughtering. It definitely stands in the center. The vocalist collides and reacts off of Tommy’s shrieks and together they bark frustrated political antagonisms in the most deadly way.

IMG_1468 copyThere’s eleven tracks standing at six minutes total, so this is a flicker of time compared to a lot of releases. But it packs a generous punch that will leave those who encounter it staggered and sweaty. Never a single moment of reprieve, nor a point where you’ll become disinterested. You don’t really get a chance because the catastrophic violence just devours you on “go”.

This goes for live shows to. Holy shit, exponentially more visceral and loud, plus just the drumming alone is a thing to see. I’ve seen them twice but they’re always playing somewhere; I recently missed them at SIXBREWBANTHA show in Victoria this August. If you get a chance don’t hesitate to attend. They’ll blow you away in before you finish a drink.

Across the board this tape is great but there’s a few songs that grab me out of the bunch. The first one is definitely “Malicious Propaganda”. It really sums up their potency, captivating first with one of the only slower builds in the demo (it’s massive) and after that their frantic nature explodes. There’s a drop near the middle that crushes, and while not as technical the speed of both the drums and guitar is pretty ridiculous aside from the substantial writing.

Another is “Wage Slave”: a crumbling intro into a darker, crunchy riff, and then the blasting swallows you, progressively getting more maddeningly technical. That Serious Sam kamakazi sample too, nice touch. Easily two of the stand outs.

Then you have the fearsome mayhem of tracks like “Senseless Violence”, “Misanthropic Lunatic”, and “Sea of Meth”. All three are savage, thoroughly mind scrambling, extremely abrasive. Unlike the previously mentioned tracks these three see even tighter packed aggression somehow, the shortened run time adding to the frustrated urgency already crowding every moment of this demo.

“Sea of Meth” is right up there. Aside from the string melting riffs and spine shattering percussion that ruptures and burst threateningly, it has some pretty maniacal vocals in the first half over top all that; even for these guys. Definitely sticks outwith a fuckin ugly ending too.

“Misanthropic Lunatic” just can’t be ignored. Full throttle ferocity, the shredding and shouts and torrential percussion is almost cruel. At twenty-three seconds a double or triple take is necessary. Killer track. “Senseless Violence” while a little more off-kilter at first has a similar frenzied assault and following “Malicious Propaganda” it’s a change in gear.

Another track that hits me hard is the final entry “Cut Off”, played live above. Great vocals.

Don’t skip anything though, the others are equally crazy. “Crooked Cop” gets cloudy in its dragging approach which I love, muted guitar chunks opposite stellar blasting and rolls; seriously the drumming here…

The title track gives the drummer a bit of solo time between shredding, and the final push obliterates with distorted hammering. “Clenched Fist” has a tremendous section in the middle where the palm muted rhythm gets really coarse, huge amount of friction leading to a wicked drum roll out on that last janky section. And Dispose is another absurdly tight, quick battering again where the percussion stands out clearly.

IMG_1470 copyIn terms of the physical pressing there’s been one that I know off, originally by Dina Dog Records. It’s sold out online outside of free downloads on bandcamp, but if you attend a show ask for one. I missed out so I asked Tommy at the pre-Fastcore Fest 5 set and he had a bunch he was putting together as I asked. Real DIY for sure.

Anyway the press is bare bones and why the fuck not right? Photocopied, black and white j-card with a lyric insert as well, both one-sided. The tape itself is dubbed over one of those Beautiful Thoughts meditative soundtracks — very appropriate. I don’t remember how much I got it for but it was five dollars or less for sure.

Probably my favorite demo this year, maybe one of my favorites as well. Right up there with the new Osk and Frail Vessel Go listen to this, go see Throat Slitter if they pass by you. Give them some cash in person or on bandcamp. This is a significant release in spite of its size and a promising glimpse into what Throat Slitter will be up to in the future assuming they aren’t already dissolved.

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