BUNGUS_7644 copyI managed to peel myself away from work in Parksville this past Monday and get some grinding in. The first show I’ve attended in 2014 and a good place to start a series of live show articles that will no doubt be strewn about The Plow Behind You.

On February 17th two local grinders Bungus and Amnesian came out to lend support to Calgary’s WAKE on their recent tour; and cyber-dance-grinders 30XX jumped in to mix shit up as well. All four and a bunch of islanders packed into Logan’s Pub for a good thrashing playing into the damp and cold Victoria night.

Flyer by Andrew Anderson.

Flyer by Andrew Anderson.

The night was put together by the ever-present and hard working local Andy Anderson who also handles things over at the Victoria nook of awesome known as the Cavity Curiosity Shop. If you’re ever on the island go there.

Bungus were the strong starters of the night. They’re a killer local grind group who play frequently in Victoria though I’ve sadly only caught them twice so far. They’re real abrasive and uncanny some times while other tracks just flat out brutal.

I suggest you get to bandcamp and stream their various splits and demos if you haven’t yet. Their Dank Dads EP, Soy split and split with Satanic Blood Ritual are choice, and I got a copy of they’re recent pressing The First Two Years on tape.

Have a look at a couple of the tunes they blasted dive-bombed through that evening below, and prepare for your skin to sear.

30XX_7694 copyAnd then an interesting surprise followed Bungus in the “cyberpunk goregrind vaporwave” fusion of 30XX, smashing together a bizarre combo of sounds with surprising success. No video but photos follow below.

AMNESIAN_7714 copyAmnesian were just before WAKE. They’re a new formation of noisy hardcore in Victoria who have just released their debut album No Atonement, it’s pretty damn heavy. At some point physical copies will be pressed but for now go check it out streaming their page.

They played a bunch from this and a new one which was extra crushing and short. I got that on video as well as a few others from the night.

WAKE_7816 copyAnd then the closer of WAKE powering through a lot of their newest record FALSE along with at least one new one. Deadly set to end the night. I don’t think I need to persuade you more to check out that new LP (or their split with Dephosphorus, Rehashed, etc.), so have a look at some of their activities a night ago.

The new track they played is a beast.

They’ve clearly got some killer new material coming and and if they pass by you don’t hesitate to show up.

That’s it, but there will be more articles like this. If so inclined you can view the hi-res stuff is over on Flickr.

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